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Cheeba Chews Indica Quad Dose


  Cheeba Chews is a well-known brand in the 420 community. Their Cheeba Chews Indica Quad Dose is an award-winning weed food for patients with medical cards in California and Colorado. ¹ An impressive 70 mg. The THC is packaged into a bite-sized chewy toffee tablet. Users report that this hemp caramel becomes thick and fast. They are box by box, but it is not difficult to cut into small pieces. In fact, entertainment users strongly recommend this. Chew tastes classic, and there will be no doubt in your mind you are consuming a very strong cannabis food. The good thing is you don’t need too much to get high. Consumers of Cheeba Chew have a reputation for consistency, and they can be confident that every time they own Cheeba Chew, they will get a predictable experience. Cheeba Chew’s flagship product “Quad Dose” contains 70 mg of THC. If you are generally not used to medical marijuana, a single serving will have obvious effects, so start with a quarter (about 20 mg); but if you are an experienced smoker or consumer, the amount of toffee should be It is correct to feel its full effect. If you don’t like chocolate, there is also the fruity fudge “Green Hornet” from Cheeba Chew, which contains the same dose but has the flavor of apple and fruit punch. good to eat!


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