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Order Cannabis Cheese Crackers


  These Cannabis Cheese Crackers are not suitable for beginners. This cheese biscuit is a high-performance food with low-calorie content, making it a food that can provide health and high-spectrum at the same time. Each packet of cheese biscuits contains the following quantities: 514 mg THC, 18.9 mg cannabidiol, 8.4 mg THCA, 13 mg cannabidiol. In terms of taste, we can say that it tastes like a mixture of butter, salt, cheese, and cheese-flavored hemp. It may not be difficult to swallow biscuits without a glass of water. The smell of marijuana shows its potency. This product is most suitable for patients with high tolerance. Each biscuit contains approximately 25 mg of THC. After eating a biscuit, if you are not sure what it can do, please wait about 30 to 40 minutes.


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